2019 GB - DY29a - Marvel Iconic Super Heroes LIMITED Edition PB


DY29 [DB5(81)] Marvel Iconic Super Heroes, LIMITED EDITION [No 1539 of 1939] Special CTO Prestige Book.

This is supplied, by Royal Mail, in a padded hinged metal case (see the main image).

DY29a: The Book inside the Padded case.

What makes this book really special is that the Machin Pane is different from that supplied with the standard Prestige Book as it has the "P" of MPIL added to the stamps.
So it has to have been created on a different print run.

Fully illustrated and complete 24-page Prestige Stamp Booklet Cancelled to Order (CTO) featuring a fascinating insight into the history of Marvel Comics tracing the evolution from its origins in 1939 through to the present day.

Contains short illustrated texts on:

  • How the ‘British Invasion’ of editors and illustrators in the 1980s revolutionised Marvel’s stories.
  • A closer look at the process behind making a comic book illustration from pencil sketch to the final colour print.
  • Classic Marvel comic book covers and illustrations
Together with:
  • A classic retro Iron Man front cover
  • Four stamp panes which include all fifteen Marvel stamps as well as a pane of gummed Machin definitive stamps with the iconic Comics Code Authority seal of approval (which used to appear prominently on comic book covers) at the centre.
Prestige Stamp Book panes:
  • Stamp Panes 1 and 2 contain the main stamp issue of ten stamps featuring Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Captain Britain, Doctor Strange, Peggy Carter, Iron Man, Union Jack, Black Panther, Thor.
  • Stamp Panes 3 and 4 reproduces the stamp Mini Sheet of five stamps, featuring comic strip with Thor, Iron Man, Dr Strange, Hulk, Captain Britain, Spider-Man, Black Panther in action together against Thanos.
  • Stamp Pane 5 contains one £1.45, two each of 1p, £1.25 and three 20p Machin Definitive Stamps with a central "Comics Code Authority seal of approval" label. Normal PVA gum.
The Machin Pane has M18L + MPIL overprint codes. NO missing "P" (compared to the standard book) and no security slits on all stamps.

Issued 14.03.2019

All Panes are printed in Lithography by International Security Printers (Cartor).

DY29a: Showing the Machin CTO Pane.

DY29a: An example (using the 20p) showing the added 'P' from MPIL in this Limited Edition.

DY29: An example (using the £1.45) showing the missing 'P' from MPIL in the standard book.

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