8. Europe "E" Stamp *NEW*

The Europe "E" Stamp 1999-2003

The following is a list of the varieties of the SG1669 and SG2296 Dark Blue Europe Issue printed from their inception in 1999 to 2003.
The purpose was to pay the rate for a 10g small letter to Europe.

There are more varieties of this issue than you may initially suppose.
In fact Deegam lists 15 and then there are a couple of HF* and MH* booklets to consider as well.
They were firstly issued as SG1669 water-activated (gummed) and then also SG2296 in self-adhesive format.

I am ordering them in "My Reference Number" as I am showing more varieties than any other listing.

If you want to purchase any of these Europe Stamps either in singles, pairs,
panes, booklets, FDCs or cylinder blocks; you can do so HERE.

There are many features that are the same for each stamp so these don't appear in the table below.
Thy are all Dark Blue, Two 9mm Band, Gravure with A2B phosphor (the DLR is AB) on OFNP.


Created 2020.11.18

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