21. Machin (E) 9p-19p

Machins Elliptical Definitives 9p - 19p
Machin Definitive Stamp Album

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Section III - "Decimal Elliptical" issues (1p to £5)

Definitive stamps from 1967 to date. I am adding these to my sales lists as time permits. If the colour of the SG No is anything but green it is already in my sales catalogue and clicking on it - will take you straight to it.

(9p - 19p) - All are perforation 15x14 unless otherwise indicated in Info column
Value/SG No Date.Ref DG No SG SP Phos Prt Info
9p (G)


9p yellow-orange

2004.009.01 90.6.1 U177 2B D
2004.009.02 90.6.2 U177 2B D
2005.009.01 90.6.3 U177 2B D
2005.009.02 90.6.4 U178 2B D
2008.009.01 90.6.5 U179 2B D
  • 2005.009.02 has Cream Gum (the others have a "bluish gum").
  • There are subtle differences between the 2008 issue and the 2004/5 versions (the value is set lower and the shade is slightly different). SG doesn't recognise this in the "Y" Series.
9p (L)


9p yellow-orange

2010.009.01 90.7.1 MS3073 2B C
  • 2010.009.01 is only available from the London 2010 Miniature Sheet.
10p (G)


10p dull orange

1993.010.01 100.16.1 U195 2B(Y) E
1994.010.01 100.16.2 U195b 2B(Y) E
1995.010.01 100.16.3 U195c 2B(Y) E
1996.010.01 100.18.1 U195A 2B(B) E
1996.010.02 100.18.1a U195B 2B(B) E
1997.010.01 100.19 U195C 2B H
2003.010.01 100.22.1 U195E 2B D
2003.010.02 100.22.2 U195E 2B D
2005.010.01 - U195E 2B D
2005.010.02 100.22.3 U195F 2B D
  • 1996.010.02 has a White Back.
  • 2005.010.02 has Cream Gum.
10p (G)


10p dull orange

1998.010.01 100.20 U195D 2B W 14


  • 1998.010.01 is only found in the Land Speed (Breaking Barriers) Prestige Book (DX21)
10p (L)


10p dull orange

1995.010.02 100.17 UG28 2B Q BP
  • 1995.010.02 is only found in the National Trust Prestige Book (DX17)
10p (G)


10p OFPP dull orange

2000.010.01 100.21 - PCP D MS
10p (L)


10p Litho light tan

2009.010.01 100.23 UG29 2B D BP
2010.010.01 100.24.1 UG30 2B C BP
2010.010.02 100.24.1 UG30 2B C BP
2010.010.03 100.24.2 MS3073 2B C MS
2011.010.01 100.24.1 UG29 2B C BP
  • 2009.010.01 is only found in the Charles Darwin Prestige Book (DX45)
  • 2010.010.01 is only found in the Classic Albums Prestige Book (DX48)
  • 2010.010.02 is only found in the Britain Alone Prestige Book (DX51)
  • 2010.010.03 is only available from the London 2010 Miniature Sheet.
  • 2011.010.01 is only found in the WWF Prestige Book (DX52)
10p (G)


10p light tan sec

2011.010.02 100.25.1 UJD23 2B D
2011.010.03 100.26.1 UGxxx 2B W BP
2011.010.04 100.26.2 UGxxx 2B W CL
  • 2011.010.02 no source or date codes. T2a cuts.
  • 2011.010.03 no source or date codes. T2 cuts. Originates from William Morris PB (DX53). Inverted Print.
  • 2011.010.04 no source or date codes. T2 cuts. Originates from William Morris PB (DX53). Sideways Right Print. Only available in coil format used on the offical RM FDC.
12p (G)


12p greenish-blue

2006.012.01 120.8 U211A 2B D
14p (G)


14p rose-red

2006.014.01 140.8 U230A 2B D
15p (G)


15p Shocking Pink

2008.015.01 150.5 U239A 2B D
16p (G)


16p pale cerise

2007.016.01 160.4 U243A 2B D
16p (L)


16p pale cerise

2009.016.01 160.5 UG37A 2B C
  • 2009.016.01 is only available from the British Design Classics Prestige Book (DX44) and is a completely different shade from 2007.016.01.
17p (G)


17p Olive-Green

2009.017.01 170.13 U253A 2B D
17p (L)


17p Olive-Green

2009.017.02 170.14.1 UG38A 2B C
2009.017.03 170.14.1 UG38A 2B C
  • 2009.17.2 originates from Treasures of the Archive Prestige Book (DX46).
  • 2009.17.3 originates from Naval Uniforms Prestige Book (DX47).
19p (G)


19p bistre

1993.019.01 190.5.1 U263 CB(Y) H
1993.019.02 190.5.2 U263 CB(Y) H
1994.019.01 190.6.1 U263A CB(Y) H
1995.019.01 190.11.1 U263B CB(B) H
1995.019.02 190.11.2 U263B CB(B) H
1999.019.01 190.12 U263C CB D
1999.019.02 190.13.1 U263D CB Q
1999.019.03 190.13.2 U263D CB Q
1999.019.04 190.13.3 U263E CB Q
  • 1993.019.02 and 1995.019.01 are found in Coils only.
  • The main difference between 1993.019.01/02 and 1994.019.01 is the gum. The former is PVAD and the latter PVA which is whiter and matt in comparison.
  • 1999.019.02 and 1999.019.03 have a 4.5mm short band whilst 190.13.3 has a 5mm short band.
  • 1999.019.02 originates from the mixed value £1 (FH43) booklet
  • 1999.019.03 originates from the mixed value £2 (FW11) booklet.
  • 1999.019.04 originates from the World Changers Prestige Book (DX23).
19p (G)


19p WRB bistre

2000.019.01 190.14.1 U263F RB(B) W 14


2000.019.02 190.14.1a U263F RB SBT(B) W 14


  • 2000.019.01 is only found in Special by Design Prestige booklet (DX24). The coloured part of this stamp is 0.5mm smaller than normal issues. This was caused by a computer software glitch.
  • 2000.019.02 is only found in Special by Design Prestige booklet (DX24) and is an important variety.
19p (L)


19p LB bistre

1994.019.02 190.7 UG46 LB(Y) Q BP
1995.019.03 190.7 UG46 LB(Y) Q BP
1995.019.04 190.8 UG46 LB(Y) Q BP
  • 1994.019.02 and 1995.019.03 have a 4mm band whilst 1995.019.04 has a 4.5mm band.
  • 1994.019.02 originates from the Northern Ireland Prestige Book (DX16)
  • 1995.019.03 and 1995.019.04 both originate from the National Trust Prestige Book (DX17). The former is from the multi-value pane of 9 and the latter from the pane of 6; hence two entries.
19p (R)


19p QRB bistre

1995.019.05 190.9 UG47 RB(Y) Q BP
1995.019.06 190.10 UG47 RB(Y) Q BP
  • 1995.019.04 has a 4mm band whilst 1995.019.06 has a 4.5mm band.
  • 1995.019.05 and 1995.019.06 both originate from the National Trust Prestige Book (DX17). These are different panes hence two entries.

  1. The above listing is only intended to be used as a Deegam to SG Specialised comparison. Please let me know of any errors you spot. It is NOT intended to be a complete listing of the Deegam Handbook.
  2. I do not include short or inset bands unless this is the "normal" state, as there has to be a limit to the listing. For a complete list of varieties of each stamp you will need to purchase the Deegam Handbook obtainable by sending an email to: Douglas Myall
  3. All are issued as Sheet stamps only unless the "INFO" column shows any of the following; Items with "BP" are stamps found in Booklet Panes only, "CL" are stamps found in Coil format or "MS" are stamps found in Miniature Sheets only.
  4. In addition the "INFO" column will identify the different paper brightness varieties from the sheet issues of the "Byfleet" era of 2003-2004. Bright Paper will be signified by "TRB", Intermediate Paper by "TRI" and Dull Paper by "TRD". Change to Royal Mail Specification paper is signified by "TRB".
  5. Printed (PRT) by (E) Jon Enschedé en Zonen, (H) Harrison & Sons, (Q) Questa Colour Security Printers, (W) Walsall Security Printers, (JW) John Waddington Security Print, (D) De La Rue or (C) Cartor.
  6. Printing methods used (next to the value) are "(G), (L) or (R)" representing Gravure (or Photogravure), Lithography or Recess respectively.
  7. Phosphor bands (PHOS) are printed vertically on the face of the stamp and are visible under UV radiation or at an oblique angle to a light source. Stamps are printed with: (2B) 2 phosphor bands, (CB) centre band, (LB or RB) left or right bands, or on (PCP) phosphorised paper.
  8. The use of "(Y) or (B)" in the "PHOS" column indicates "Yellow" or "Blue" Fluorescence. This is only used if more than one type exists within any one variant.
  9. The ""U", "4mm" or "2mm" notations in the "INFO" column are to differentiate particular varieties of certain Enschedé stamps where U = Unvarnished, 4mm = 4mm Varnish and 2mm = 2mm varnish. More detail on Enschedé stamps can be found in
    4. Enschedé Definitives
  10. Images are representative only and the Date shows first year of issue.
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