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Machin Man

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 1:12 pm    Post subject: MY OWN INDIVIDUAL OPINION Reply with quote

In a discussion in "Stamporama" that started with a comment about what was on the backs of stamps, one of the members noted that what a given stamp is worth is highly subjective.
So, I had to add what follows.

Randy makes an interesting observation; " ... Of course, '...worthy of my bid...' only means MY OWN INDIVIDUAL OPINION and in no way means to imply to the owner of said item what their auction lot is or is not worth. ..."

Consider a beautiful used stamp that you simply must have, that will fill in the last open space on a page or series of pages. You have been searching for this particular stamp in great condition for many moons and here one is being offered on your favorite auction site.

Let's say that the appropriate catalog lists it at about $40.00 so you enter a bid at about 10% more. Just before the auction closes you discover some cretin has outbid you so you bump your bid up to $51.00. But the slackjaw is lurking around with nothing better to do with his time all evening and he raises his bid becoming, for the moment, the likely winner. So, noting that the bidding ends at 3AM you set your alarm clock to 2:40 and after it destroys a wonderfully lurid technicolor dream you get up and pour a cup of reheated dinner coffee as you prepare to teach this fool who is the MAN !

With the computer's sweep second hand on display in one corner of your screen and the bid page in the center, you prepare to offer $73.87 and sit there figuring just when it will be the last possible second to press "Approve" in the best sniping tradition.
The second hand arrives, you press the computer generated button, the last few seconds elapse and you win the lot at $71.50. The creep had the nerve to enter a bid almost twice what the stamp usually sells for, but you showed him, or her, in todays equal opportunity environment.

The next day after paying for your well deserved treasure you see what you had not seen for years, a second example of that virtually identical stamp. So identical that you suspect it was once a part of a used pair, or even a carefully cancelled block that was broken apart for individual sale. This lot open at $25.00 and there seems to be only that same other bidder.

Now you have to make a decision. Are you going to let this annonymous dipstick who will never deserve this excellent stamp get the beauty for 30% less than its catalog listing ? Or worse yet, about one third what you just paid ?

If the first stamp was worth $71.50 (plus shipping from Outer Thumbelina, of course) to you a day or so ago, is this gem not worth the same thing ? If this sneaky competitive midnight bidder was willing to pay $70.50 for the first stamp, should you just move on and give him the satisfaction of paying half what you paid ? If you bump the second stamp up to near what you know he was willing to pay for the former lot, is there a chance that he will have come to his senses and not be still willing to pay twice the stamp's listed value ?

What is the chance that you will wind up with a second example that you no longer need and for which there is no open space to hang it on its hinge (Dennison's, of course), one that you might wind up paying more than it is worth to you ?

And of course, Does you wife have access to your auction account ?
" .... You may think you understood what you thought I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you think you heard is not what I thought I meant. .... "
Charlie Jensen
Lecanto, Florida
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Also consider whether the "anonymous dipstick" really exists, or is a shill by the seller.

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