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Overseas (non-UK) mail delivery charges have risen substantially.

Due to this, and the fact that orders from overseas customers tend to be smaller than domestic orders, I can no longer fully subsidise the delivery for non-UK customers.

ALL non-UK physical orders received from March 30th 2017 will incur a delivery charge.

ALL physical orders wherever you reside:
If your order is for less than £10
, then a "Low Order Fee" of £2 will be added to your order.
If you require posting to an address outside the UK this will be in addition to the delivery charge (see below).

All qualifying deliveries (over £10) to UK addresses will remain free for the foreseeable future.
All deliveries to overseas addresses will pay the subsidised delivery charge of £2.75 for European Addresses or £3.75 for Worldwide (outside Europe) addresses.
Digital orders worldwide are unaffected both by the delivery charge and the minimum purchase.

In addition, I must STRESS to domestic customers that unless you pay for a "trackable" delivery option (See item headed POSTAGE at the top of the column on the left) I will NOT be responsible for non-delivery. This is the only system that Royal Mail endorse and therefore I must follow their practice.)

Unfortunately, I cannot make the same offer to overseas customers as the only trackable service is both country dependent and also VERY expensive, so if you are not willing to take the chance that an item may not arrive for whatever reason please do NOT order as I will not take any responsibility for its delivery.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me to clarify.

I reserve the right to amend the delivery charges at any time in the future.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us. I am not a dealer, just a collector who has accumulated an inordinate amount of items that need to be sold on. As such the customer experience is very important to me, so if you need help with anything please contact me.

Each time you return you may expect to see further exciting offerings from the world of philately. If you don't see what you want - drop me a "Wants List" and I will help wherever I can.

If you have any problems ordering from the site please let me know and I will gladly help you.

I strongly advise you to read the Quick Site Guide" in the left menu bar before purchasing.

A couple of quick navigation tips: More detail can be found by clicking on "Quick Site Guide" in the left menu bar.

If you are in a section that has lots of pages, you can go forward or backward in "10 page" jumps by pressing the "...." (dots) in the page numbers e.g. hitting the "dots" in the following sequence will take you straight to page 11.

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Secondly, when ordering several items from a section. Enter the number for each item you want on any one page, but when you get to the end of that page, click on cart_button. This will take you to the checkout page and add the chosen items to your cart. If you want to return to add more items press the "back" arrow on your browser rather than the "continue shopping" button.
If you use your back button it takes back you to the page you were last at and you can now go backwards or forwards as required. If however you press the "continue shopping" button it will take you to the home page.
This is explained in more detail in the Quick Site Guide.

**NOTE ** This is primarily an e-commerce site (i.e. a store) however I have started to add informational items that can be used for reference. I don't want to duplicate areas that can be found on many other sites and the pages need to be properly researched. For now at least, I am going to limit them to the areas I know most about - that being - "Machin Definitives". These pages can be found by by accessing the "Important Links" section in the side boxes.

If you find any problems during the operation of this site, please let me know. Thank You for visiting and please come back soon.

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